That first step is hard, I get it. You’ve taken the time to source me, wading through adverts, websites, blogs, and of course perusing photos - that’s the hard bit, such a deliciously tough job! But in my experience, many women are shy, nervous or even anxious to make contact with someone like myself. The concept may be new to you, or you’re venturing into this territory for another try – either way, it’s scary, unknown, and very intimidating.

When booking a male escort, a million things can go through your mind, especially who I am and how I present. If I’ll turn up clad in a bow tie and pinstripe suit and overly suave, or laidback and in UGG boots? What my personality will be like and if I’ll be easy to talk to? If I’ll be high-end or just high maintenance? But, if my friends could describe me they’d say I’m a down to earth guy who enjoys a decent cocktail, even better conversation, and the company of a real woman.

Rest assured, I may be Nick Davenport sometimes, but I am me, all of the time; a genuine and authentic gentleman who adores spending quality time with women, all women. I’m just a regular guy, and once those first booking nerves have shifted I want what you want: a safe place where we can both be ourselves.

I revel in environments where I can spoil a woman, I’m traditional and nostalgic, and believe whoever you are, you are good enough and absolutely deserving of this experience (with me). I’m a somewhat enthusiast when it comes to adoration and love nothing more than making a woman feel special, regardless of who you are – this has no discrimination, everyone deserves to be spoilt!

If you’ve been waiting to get in contact, I don’t bite, please feel free to drop me a line – I can’t wait to meet you

Nick xxx