It is really amazing the number of women (and couples) who drag their feet when it comes to hiring a male escort. I’ve had first-time clients who tell me it's taken them ages to get to finally decide to hire. What men do and her hailed for, the society frowns upon when it’s a woman instead. And I think it’s a real shame that still happens in this day and age. The truth is, many women go without sex and companionship through life and this needn’t be the case as this is one of the most basic desires of every woman, young or old. 

It is clear that many women fear being judged or being told they just couldn’t get sex or companionship without paying for it which is simply mean. What they really want is someone intimate, discreet and amazing in bed with no strings attached. If they go out and pick up a guy in a bar they’re considered easy, and when they pay for it, they’re looked down on and vilified. It’s basically a lose-lose situation for them from both angles, and this is highly disappointing. This is why most women who use escorts today keep it to themselves. 

With the experience I have as a Male escort, I’ve seen that some women take weeks or even months to gain the courage to contact me, and I will never truly know the number of women who never contacted me. Here are 3 main reasons why women hesitate about hiring a Male escort. I want to burst the myths here. 

Cultural Taboo: This is one of the major issues women have. The society judges them when they seek happiness that’s strictly theirs. They are conformed and expected to love everyone else and sacrifice for everyone but themselves. A man who seeks sexual pleasure with another woman is a norm, but for a woman, she’s labelled as a slut and whore. Hopefully, women will get more empowered and the society as a whole will accept that they have needs that are both different and similar to men’s. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander. However, one beauty of my (Nick Davenport's Professional Male Escort) service is the discreet nature, so women don’t need to fear. 

Self Esteem and Image: Some women feel very ugly and undeserving, a lot of women body shame themselves and tell themselves that no man can even want to be with them. They are extremely self-conscious about their weight, complexion, height, or any other supposed physical weakness. This makes them settle for less than they deserve. My (Nick Davenport's Professional Male Escort) service looks beyond all these and make women feel great about themselves and help their self-esteem. 

Safety and Privacy: Many women worry that the nature of the job of Male escorts makes them vulnerable to sexual health issues and so they decide to refrain from contacting them. Many also worry about their privacy and are concerned that their identity might be revealed or compromised by the escorts. But truthfully, the nature of my (Nick Davenport's Professional Male Escort) service is the safe and discreet standards I employ. Testing is frequently completed, and protection is always used. non-negotiable. 

Escorts provide a service, and hiring a Male Escort is not about paying for sex. It’s about a guaranteed good time coupled with professionalism and discretion. When you hire an escort, you are hiring the services of a professional man and you enjoy the company and conversation just as much as the intimacy. You’re not just hiring a walking penis. Lol.
99.99% of my clients are more than satisfied and gush in their reviews, wishing they had done this sooner. The time we spend together is so wonderful some extend the hours and most always come back to re-book. 

Nick x