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…Thanks again for a truly lovely time.  Thank you also for switching the lights on in’ve given me back so much of myself that I thought was gone forever. I’m sure you’ve touched many, many peoples lives in that same way & it really is an incredible concept. Saving the world, one broken woman at a time. You’ve a true generosity of spirit & I feel so lucky to have met you. 


I've just had the privilege of spending two days with Nick. He is so kind, patient, genuine and generous with his time and with himself.

Yes, there's some serious eye candy action going on but he's even more beautiful on the inside and that's something money can't buy.

He's confident but not arrogant and enthusiastic but not pushy. He has a diverse range of interests and we had such great conversations. You can really just relax and be yourself with Nick.

It's not called the DBFE for nothing - being with Nick is like being with the best boyfriend you could ever have. It's been a tough year for me and I kept crying because he is so lovely, so sweet and so attentive.

If you've been thinking about making a booking, what are you waiting for? Do it NOW!

Nick - thank you from the bottom of my heart. You'll never know how special those two days were for me.


Walking towards the hotel, I was so nervous and exited at the same time. Nick was waiting for me and the moment I saw him walking towards me, with this beautiful smile, I felt more relaxed. We had drinks to calm my nerves and the conversation was so easy. He is just a gentleman, he made me feel so special, it really felt like being in a movie. I came to see him, because I was missing that spark in the bedroom and being cared for. Not with this beautiful man..from the first soft kiss and touch I forgot the world around me. He is so sexy, so sweet and such a natural lover. His skills are outstanding and he made me feel so good. To top it all to see and feel how much he enjoyed it himself was wonderfull.?He really was my boyfriend in these two hours! Thank you so much Nick, I enjoyed every moment and counting the days to see you again next time here in Melbourne;) Marina


You’ve taken the time to read through Nick’s profile and are probably thinking is Nick real and is he as good as his profile suggest.

Well Ladies, I can tell you Hell Yeah, he sure is. In actual fact what I would say the experience that Nick provides is so much more and his profile is a little teaser as to what will unfold. No matter how nervous you are, and I can tell you I was a bundle of nerves on my first booking, Nick will have you relaxed and forgetting everything within moments.

I have been extremely fortunate that I’ve been able to experience the Davenport Boyfriend Experience on a few occasions over the last year and all of them have been wonderful, invigorating, sensual and for the time that I am in his company, my needs and wants are put first. I have had overnight experiences and even booked him for one of his bespoke mystery weekends that he offers. Oh my, what he organised and did for me left me speechless and completely satisfied. Nick made it one of the most memorable moments of my life so far. 

I am a woman in my 40’s, on the plus side, who when I first met Nick was full of self-doubt and had lost a little bit of my identity, that sure has changed now. Nick really gives so much of himself during our bookings and time together, it's more than just about sex (which is phenomenal). It’s about the connection, the late-night conversations that can go for hours, being silly, laughing and having fun. During our time together, I feel that I’m with a special friend forgetting all that is happening outside of our time together. Like others have mentioned it is like being with the best boyfriend you will ever have. Time with him flies by. 

I am not going to go into detail about Nick’s skills, just suffice to say he doesn’t disappoint. 

Nick is a beautiful soul and gorgeous person, both inside and out, who always provides an exceptional experience making me feel desired, sassy and so much more during our time together.

Don’t hesitate ladies, book him and he will fulfil all your needs. I sure will be booking him again. 

Nick, thanks for everything you give and are, don’t change and keep doing you. You have been instrumental in the changes that I am making. See you soon xoxoxo


Having just seen Nick for the second time ,I was really nervous, not like the first time nerves but because I wanted the night to be as wonderfull as the first time .( with previous escorts the second time is always a disappointment.)But not with Nick he was even more amazing.we talked ,laughed a lot had some deep and meaningful conversations.we drank wine and shared food with Nick feeding me,I did not want to eat I wanted to just kiss him and get lost in his gorgeous eyes.well the sex was fantastic again,I wanted to take control and Nick was very accommodating, we had a very raunchy sexy night .thank-you Nick until next time L xx



How to begin i recently had the immense pleasure of spending 2 hours with Nick. This was my second time after previously enjoying a 4 hour dinner date. I'm definitely not a spring chicken, but at no time did i feel inadequate in any way. 
Our situation is a little different than most, as my husband and I are experementing with the hotwife / cuckold experience. 
I am a little nervous with this but Nick has been wonderful in his ability to understand my feelings and suggest "stepping stones" as we experiment with this. 
Nick has an amazing ability to put you at ease and make everthing flow naturally and easily. He is definitely a natural in the bedroom and has all the skills and sensuality to tip you over the edge in a delightful way. I couldn't recomend Nick more highly no matter what experience you were looking for.
We definitely will be seeing Nick again and I can't wait Thank you Nick x



I recently spent 2 hours with Nick at the end of which I was weak at the knees! Still smiling just thinking about it. Aside from that, Nick is a genuine and caring man who was able to calm my nerves perfectly. Looking forward to meeting with him again.



I recently had the pleasure of meeting Nick for the second time. Seeing him again was like catching up with a dear friend. A friend who is sincerely interested in me and my life and who remembered everything I had talked about on our last date. 
He has an open and kind face and he looks so much better in real life than in his pics and as I am talking to him I am thinking omg !! I can’t believe my luck. 
Then we progressed to the intimate part of our time together. Nothing was rushed and he is an extremely attentive and giving lover with stamina in spades. 
Although I am a mature woman with a less than perfect figure Nick made me feel very attractive and sexy and so very satisfied. 
I am so looking forward to seeing him again.



From the first contact to my time with Nick, my experience was outstanding and exceeded all my expectations. Leading up to meeting Nick, I was a bundle of nerves however Nick's relaxed, friendly and inquisitive side had me feeling comfortable, relaxed and safe in no time. 
As many have mentioned previously when it comes to intimacy his skills are out of this world. His lips, his phenomenal physique are only small parts of the exceptional person that is Nick.
Sharing this experience with Nick has invigorated me, making me realise how much I enjoy and savour being held, touched and kissed.
Nick, thanks for this experience and allowing me to see your beautiful, giving and caring nature.
You have left me extremely satisfied and looking forward to our next encounter.
Thank you



As I lay here the morning after our 4hr date together I contemplate the beautifull night.The booking took several attempts but was well worth the wait .You are absolutely devine,your looks,your body(yum) you were so genuine in caring about all my needs and you fullfilled everyone and so many more. dont change anything you are the perfect escort. see you in a few months (if I can wait that long.) Thankyou L xx



Nick was amazing, I had just split up from my partner after a long time together and I was in need of an encounter, where I could connect with someone on an intimate and emotional level. Nick made me feel so at ease, I was super shy and scared to open up at first, but he helped me feel comfortable by listening to me and making me feel relaxed. He was unbelievably good at four play and was quite fun and adventurous in the bedroom. Im so happy I booked Nick, I highly recommend him.



The first time I hired a male escort, I was disappointed because he asked me for my photo and declined the job after he received it. I’m a divorced woman in my 50’s and maybe not too pleasing on the eye. But from my first contact with Nick, he made me feel relaxed and I was drawn to him after a little conversation. He is unassuming and kind. He treated me with such respect and made me feel like my 20-year-old self again. The night was the highlight of my year. It was an unforgettable experience.



My time with Nick was fun and most importantly relaxing. I wanted a good time, some laughs, great company, conversation and of course intimacy. Nick delivered in all... I was a bit hesitant to do an over nighter, but glad I did in the end. After a couple hours of chatting, I felt completely comfortable and as if we've known each other for awhile, instead of strangers. I particularly enjoyed the downtime and just chilling in bed, listening to music, talking and just being able to hold/touch someone, I think people don't realize how precious this feeling can be, when you don't have that. I think I will miss this the most about my time with Nick. 
The intimacy - some other ladies here have already mentioned about Nick's skills, and I'll just say, I 100% concur :)
I always thought I was into the clean-shaven type of guy but Nick's scruff has me converted, that and his lips mmMMm....



I had the pleasure of spending time with Nick on his recent visit to Brisbane. He's a lovely guy; very charming and easy to talk to, and he quickly made me feel at ease. And this guy has some crazy skills! I still haven't figured out exactly what he was doing down there, but whatever it was made my knees buckle. Nick, don't ever stop being your gorgeous self.



How to begin to described this wonderful man without list a series of adjectives here . Intelligent , charming and a gentleman so rare this days! Those lips will make any woman feel not only special as completely undone . Ladies I encourage you to treat your self with this handsome men but warning you will be craving more . I mostly do! Dear Nick you know you were a gift to myself and OMG what gift meant a lot to me not only the Amazing Hot Passionate Sex your kind embraces and your gorgeous smile made my night truly memorable. Beijos



Nick was amazing to say the least! We booked Nick for our first ever couples session and he did not disappoint! He is equally charming as he is passionate. Nick ensured we were both comfortable at all times while still taking the lead. Honestly if your thinking of adding someone to spice things up you have to book Nick! He recommend 2 hours for first time and it was worth it! Seriously a true gentleman that definitely knows how to treat a lady and put on a bit of a show for your partner!



Oh, my, even trying to write this review floods my mind with HOT memories. Jeez… Nick is simply amazing in bed, I’m sorry I can’t keep calm. I had the perfect night with him. I’m a single Mom with 2 kids. And Nick has proven to be the perfect de-stressing mechanism for me. From the very moment our lips met, I was lost and he had me in cloud 9. Nick your hands, your lips, your stamina, your face, has not left my head.
I had innumerable orgasms in one night, and tears of joy filled my eyes as we parted ways. Nick you made me feel like a woman again. You are the ultimate woman pleaser. I’ll just not say too much, but any woman who craves an uninhibited night of passion, Nick is your go-to guy. I highly recommend Nick.



 I don’t know where to begin to talk about the amazing and magical NICK. He brings a whole new meaning to the term dazzling. His eyes had me enchanted from the first glance. After falling in love with his profile and Bio, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what to expect. But nothing could prepare me for the inexplicable divinity of Nick in person. One look at him upon opening the door and I was beyond smitten. He was impeccably dressed and my attraction only increased when I inhaled his intoxicating scent. He looked dapper and smelled like heaven! I could barely make a sound, and he was sweet enough bring a bouquet of sweet smelling roses for me. In that moment, I knew I was in for the Boyfriend Experience of a Lifetime.
We got to know each other over drinks and my skin tingled every time he caressed my hand. Looking at him, I couldn’t help but observe the tone of his muscles and the leanness of his abdomen. His skin was smooth and tanned. Although I’m 46 and never married, (I’m a career woman) with him, I felt like a 22 year old again, young wild and free. A part of me that since been buried simply resurrected, there was a feeling between my legs that I hadn’t felt in many years. I was so captivated; I completely didn’t remember dinner until Nick suggested we go as we already had reservations. My stomach was fluttering with such butterflies and I didn’t think there was space for any food. Nick is the best male escort any woman could ever dream of.
By the time we returned from dinner, it was as though we had known each other for many years. The rest of the evening was nothing less than fabulous. I won’t kiss and tell, but I’ll let your imagination run wild (There’s nothing Nick didn’t do to pleasure me). Nick I want to thank you for your desire to make women smile again. It was an amazing experience. I will surely be in your arms soon enough.



I am a Fashion designer and I needed a male companion to be my date to the Sydney Fashion week. What I wanted was a companion who looked the part and had the requisite experience and charisma, and Nick was the guy. He was dressed impeccably for the occasion, actually one of the best dressed. He engaged in conversations and had such professional etiquette. His knowledge of Business, Legal and Corporate world was very advantageous.

He was a perfect date for me, and a host of my friends were curious about him, they wanted to know where I met such a dashing young man. Well, Nick is my secret weapon. Maybe I’ll let them in some time later, but for now, I will be contacting Nick for Indoor rendezvous too. I just love his personality.


This review is the least way to show my appreciation to Nick for giving me the most special 4 hours I’ve ever spent in the company of a man. Nick is a passionate conservationist, who really is skilled in the art of listening. I was blown away by the depth of his reasoning and the kindness of the heart. These things can’t be faked.

I really just needed attentive ears and a shoulder to cry on after being dumped by my boyfriend of 7 years, and Nick restored my belief in myself, and I regained my confidence. He mostly listened to me and gave intelligent punch lines. I had booked him for 2 hours, and by the end of the two hours, (which felt like 2 minutes) I ended up having him stay for another two. We went out to eat and he treated me like a woman. I WILL be seeing Nick soon again, that’s a certainty.